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Thursday , August , 27 2015

This is very badly written, forgive me, I'm the one who draws the comics, not the one who writes the story (there's a reason for that). 
This is a site my best friend and I created to help our dream come true for creating our own comics, stories, and animations. This really is pretty much everything to us. I hope you enjoy the site, I want it to be as fun as possible.


The story is my department seeing as how I am good with story lines and such. Keep in mind that there is not an idea that has not been done before the most any good writer can do is improve an idea or give it their own personal touches. That being said I hope you enjoy the story as much as the art work. Thank you for reading!


Since it's more than just myself (or rather.. more than one person) we decided to create a name that we would just stick on anything we are associated with (lol). We researched and played around with names until we were happy with one: Haylyn Angel. 

Haylyn means Unique, which I would consider every person this name is used by to be quite unique, then for a last name Angel just seemed to be quite fitting n . n 

We're all unique angels ;P



Email: HaylynAngel@gmail.com

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